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4x4ranger said:
Just a suggestion:

Is it possible to have existing NPC's (Similar to Django), or create new NPC's, that can function similar to Django, but allow you to put in:

Herblore items (Such as Potions, Herbs, and Potion supplies). Example would be the Potion decantors (Such as in Varr. GE, and Priff GE).

Miscellaneous items (Such as questing items/Clue Scroll items), with an NPC named Miss. Celane for example, lol. :-P

And other similar NPC's for various sets of similar items/equipment/etc.

This way, the items would not be in the bank interface, but accessible through NPC's surrounding the GE (And maybe inside the banks as well).

If someone can +1 this, or if a Moderator thinks the above is a good/feasible idea, please let me know. :-D

Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, 4x4ranger

To the server those are bank spaces. It is the item existing. By limiting bank spaces jagex limit the items that exist.
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07-Jan-2019 06:28:57

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Mr Rey Ray said:
Thank you for the explanation which wasn't really needed as I can understand how difficult certain codes can be.

Players are just over reacting, because they don't know anything how projects work or the time needed, so they believe they've been lied to, Which isn't the case, not everyone can say they can make something happen and then in reality, it isn't possible.

How many people would LOVE to grow a money tree? Everyone would, but that would be wishful thinking.

Please jump off the band wagon and leave Jagex alone, let them enjoy the Christmas holidays, as they've been busy all year round, let them take a step back from Runescape.

All of you are at home making a fuss, let them be at home and relax....Don't be Grinches guys.

It isn't anyones fault the bank rework isn't going to be in the near future, it's A BIG CHANGE what could break the game, Jagex arent prepared to take that risk at this, Moment in time, Please Understand...before posting.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!

Nope. We're customers. And that the project is being abandoned isn't great, that the game engine needs a rework they won't give it isn't great. RS3 only has one direction, shortcuts to 99's, and that's it.

What's the point? See my original comment on page 6.
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07-Jan-2019 06:32:38

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Wildcat said:
Here is some suggestions to a workaround. These may or may not work.


The rules allow players to have multiple accounts. The rules also allow trading between other accounts that you own, but trading between accounts is difficult. Trading options now are: Multi-logging or drop trading or trust trading with another player.

Create an easier way to trade items between your accounts. Imagine having 2 or more extra GE slots (similar to the item lending slot). A pin code is added to the slots. The account that gives the items can always retrieve the items without a pin code (in case the pin is ever forgotten). The account receiving the items types in the account name giving the items plus the pin code to receive the items.

Another method is to just type in the alt accounts name and password to get access to its bank. This could be dangerous if an account is hacked and the hackers can gain access to the other account.

With an easier way to trade items between alt accounts you have just fixed the bank space issue. Maybe make this a members only feature.


Some items only allow a player to have one at a time. Allow players to have more than one item on a larger variety of items. Having 2 or more of any item means you have effectively created a bank place holder.

Double the number of bank presets. Then players can quickly find items anywhere in their bank. No need for as many placeholders then.

Instead of putting items back in the exact same spot, just allow items to return to a particular bank tab. This may be difficult as all players set their bank tabs differently.

Allow more bank tabs (which was said to be coming in the rework) then players can sort their bank better.

These are just a few ideas - they may or may not work or they may lead to other similar ideas that can work.

the problem is server space, none of what you say is workable.
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07-Jan-2019 06:43:00

Brave Alain
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Brave Alain

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I'm not concerned about bank space, placeholders etc. The part of the rework I was looking forward to was more tabs. More tabs is really a QOL update it would enable people with large banks to organize them better and make it easier to find related items.

Please can we at least have more tabs.

08-Jan-2019 15:53:12

Molly Weazly
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Molly Weazly

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Nitemare-Rex said:
they are probbaly telling the truth on this one as i know from my hl2rp days the saves would allow player so meany slots for items and so meany players could have slots. when the max is removed allowing players to have more it causes big bugs of players loosing items and needing to be refunded. this is a mess for a game of 30 peaople

now if JaGeX ups the bank limits they could be moving the limits out of where items and cash disapere and peaople end up needing refunds, in a game with 2000+ players per server thats a ton big of a mess much larger than refunds for 20-30 peaople

Yes you're right that this makes sense. But Jagex also keeps pumping new items into the game that we have little to no room for. Why? Does it make sense to keep adding new items without giving us space to hold them?

I also agree with Wildcat's suggestions. =)

14-Jan-2019 23:52:00

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really .... so seems main issues are server space.... thats the worst excuse ever. it would be a few MB (IF THAT) for each account...

I bet of 1 million people made new accounts today there is somehow plenty of room again :/


Another theory is they are just trying to figure out a way to charge people for extra banking services like tabs etc.... I DONT MIND PAYING!!!

on another note the new mining/smithing rework is absolutely lovely , well done. That wasn't an easy update to pull off

Take My Money Please!!!!

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Sir Kainoth
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Sir Kainoth

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Wonderer said:
Maybe a fix coming in the bank rework to access the metal bank from within your bank, like the poh and diango would be doable.

It came up when they added the Metal bank and changed porters.

I am disappointed they will not be adding more Tabs, I hope they can do placeholders. Those two ideas was what I was looking forward to most. I love OSRS placeholders. I know RS3 is a lot more difficult to change.

As for bank space... I always just dealt with it by getting rid of stuff I didn't use much. They didn't have as much bank space back in the day and they have always added more items to the game. It's like in life, if you haven't used it in two years, you probably don't need it. Don't hoard stuff. You can always get it back on GE or if it's a quest item you can get it back too. They just added the May's Quest item storage chest back in September. Do more quest and unlock it. They just gave us a metal bank so that helps if you mine and smith.

30-Jan-2019 20:18:00

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