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Kera said:

2) Can we have the orange mini map dots back for clan members please ?
I second this (and there's a thread in the leaders forum with a lot more who hate that change)

Also is there any update from the web team about clan motifs not updating on clan pages, this has been an issue for well over a year now.
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24-Mar-2019 04:42:39

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- Do you have any bigger projects planned in the near future?

- Would you consider releasing new task lists / achievement diaries? Maybe also smaller ones like the new varrock one, which improve the reward of a main task list. The lumbridge diary in OS features tasks in dorgesh-kaan, could a separate mini task list be used in RS3 to introduce p2p benefits to the explorer's ring for instance? Otherwise we still would have the pocket and sigil slots available for main task lists.

- Have you planned some quests for intermediate or expert levels?

- A rework for farming timers was mentioned a few years ago, is it still supposed to come at some point in the (near) future? Or can we assume it has been scrapped?
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Hey Jagex!

I really enjoy the streams you all do!

1: If there was enough demand from the players as well as willingness from them to pay a bit more would you consider remaking the game from the ground up so that the game can have less coding limitations and to allow better graphics? (wasd, smaller game ticks, better character models etc)

2: If a remade version of RS3 was made would it be possible to port over stats/items/etc to a legacy sever and also have a blank-slate sever for the new game? Or would it have to be one or the other?

Thanks :)

25-Mar-2019 12:33:31

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1. When will anything happen with a construction rework/improvements in general? A lot of concepts have been shown recently but nothings made it into the game. Construction in RS3 needs the TLC its getting in OSRS.

2. Can we use our "Ring of Kinship" specialisations or dunegoneering bound items within elite dungeons in the future? Like a super-hard mode?

3. What would've happened in World Event 2 if Armadyl and Bandos had an exact 50-50 tie? Both die? Both survive? A truce/team-up?

26-Mar-2019 16:37:44

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Lord Drakan said:
Has anyone made a summary yet? Can't find one in fgu at least.

This. Was busy having a life yesterday. Would be nice to see a transcript - even if it's on Reddit.
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27-Mar-2019 15:58:56

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