No proofreading of news posts.

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Jagex would definitely benefit from hiring a professional writer for their newsposts and other copy, even if on a part-time basis. Well-written pieces result in a smoother reading experience and better engagement. I'll be honest: I don't read the newsposts as much as I used to.

Having said that, I would also like to see newsposts split into various pieces (e.g. one newspost for the update, one for additional stuff (winter weekends, livestreams, etc.). I click on a newspost because I want to read the latest update. That doesn't mean I want to also read the community round-up at the same time. I want to see that information in a different article that is better themed for it. It feels a little sad having that information stuffed at the bottom of an update post.

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25-Dec-2018 01:07:27

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