Can we have an ignore button.

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In the forums.

In the words of the great Jeremy Clarkson....

How hard can it be.

Simple idea that if you click on the person you want to ignores post, an option comes up to hide that persons posts so that they come up like this.

I believe it has the possibility to stop a lot of arguing within threads and make our great fmods work much easier, giving them more time to play the game they love instead of having to come to forums to wipe babies bottoms and clean up a lot of mess.

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Wouldn't that just make things confusing, with certain people seeing "This message has been hidden" with absolutely no explanation?

What happens if someone quotes someone who has been ignored?

Or if people respond to someone who has been ignored?

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I'm lovin' it.

14-Jun-2017 18:32:32

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Browsing the forums daily I can see what you're talking about, there can be some toxic people in certain threads almost as if they have personal vendettas with each other.
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14-Jun-2017 18:34:18

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Other forums I use you still see their posts if someone quotes them and then the drama continues.

And I think some people would ignore like everyone in their topic. Not a fan of banning the opposition which people might abuse.

14-Jun-2017 18:42:27

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I moved this. :)

and, yes, I'm wondering about Nexus' spanner(s).
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14-Jun-2017 19:18:06

Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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Yes I can see your point and yes it would be a great addition to the forums but it may get abused with just pure dislike towards someone so comments such as using the word soccer which I wrote the other day, and the op didn't like the word soccer and said it not called soccer it's football, so I processed to say I live in New Zealand and we have called it Soccer my whole life <- this type things happens, we just need to get over it. But with this new rule the op doesn't like the word soccer so he can hide it <- this is just an example of how this system may get abused.
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