Can we have an ignore button.

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Mod Lyon said:
Scouse said:
Sorry, pretty much as Ahura put it, i did not read his post before i posted.

Pretty much shows what the experience will be if someone was ignored.
Its an obvious feature that forums other than ours have, but its also not going to be something that we'll implement outside of a complete re-work.
Perhaps we could link it to the friends system used in-game rather than have you maintain two lists :)

Bad forumer disclosure: I read only the last page, clicked to see what Mod Lyon said, and then read the first post. In other words, I didn't read everything.

To me, there is a difference between a poster I want to put on ignore and a post that should be hidden. A poster on ignore, to me, means that I can't see the posts (cuz I dontwanna) but everyone else can see the posts. Just like in game, when I put someone on ignore, he/she doesn't exist to me, but does to others, so to speak. On the other hand, a hidden post is something that comes about related to the forum rules and no one sees it.

Hypothetical (because I wouldn't put anyone on ignore in the forums): I put Scouse on ignore on the forums. Any thread I go to read, I see an empty post that says (something like): Poster is on your ignore list. I move on and read the others. Does the argument extend that if I don't want to see posts by Scouse, that I don't want to see what people reply to him? (I know that quoting has been brought up...) I continue to move along the forums and when I see a post that says the content of this message has been hidden, I know that it has to do with something related to forum rules, not an individual's preference.

So hmm short story: I think that there are two different purposes in the above situations, and I think it is not a good idea to conflate them into being the same by giving them both the same label - "hidden".
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