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The Forum Mods area has been a thing since the dawn of mankind. I'm more interested to learn about the employees whom actually help manage this game I enjoy playing.

I'm not just talking about an outdated thread of introductions with employees no longer here or an inactive twitter/reddit profile, I'm imagining an official area here where the employee can add whatever information they'd like about themselves to let us get to know them better, if they chose to do so.

I'm not promoting another future of "Mod worship", but employee-player relations are quite critical for positive morale within a gaming community nowadays and wouldn't it be nice to a community solely around your work that you do and truly feel appreciated for it from the players that actually care? Seems like a win-win for everyone, imo.

Ok players. Now tell me why this is a bad idea. Ty.
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18-Nov-2018 23:29:07

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It's not a bad idea, it's just the thought of "how many people actually would read these nowadays?"

They used to be pretty cool and useful back in the day, but now I feel like many people don't exactly care too much for them.

But, it's good to have a short and brief description, just in case.
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19-Nov-2018 03:32:20

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Great thread.

So you want to see Jagex staff blogs on the forums. ;)

Great idea. I would also like to see this happen.

Used to be a thing in the past before Social Media arrived. So it could be a thng again.

I will pass it along. :D
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19-Nov-2018 13:01:10

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I remember when Mod Poppy was in charge of the Forums and she created the J-Mod Profiles after it was suggested to her. The sticky was very popular and every week or so we would see a new CM J-Mod post on the thread. Of course, this was when the Forums would have around 500 to 1000 active users at a given time. Regardless, the J-Mod Profiles sticky was a good idea.

The main point of that sticky was to give us an idea of what they liked; however, I have an addendum to your suggestion. There was another thread created by Mod Mat K when he used to be in RS3 CM. The thread's focus was to let the members of the Forums know about the future of CM and what their goals were. This is what I would like to return. Yes, I know we don't have the same activity as before, but considering that CM Neriphyra and CM Nick will soon become Jagex Moderators, I don't see why it wouldn't be useful for us to see what their main goals are for the Forums and the community as a whole.

For those interested, this is the thread I am referring to: The future of CM

There aren't as many CMs as there used to be, but I am sure the ones we currently have wouldn't mind sharing with us what their future endeavors are with the Forums and Community Management ^_^.

19-Nov-2018 14:31:34

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I know I'd have a read over such a thread, if one were to be created. I agree that it's nice to see interaction between the staff and the community and something like this would serve to "close the gap" between the two groups.

Fantastic idea!

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19-Nov-2018 16:35:47

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FiFi LaFeles said:
Yes we need this. I'm waiting to hear what size feet CM Nick has so that I can knit him a nice pair of warm socks for the winter.

We should place bets. I'm going with 8½.
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20-Nov-2018 17:05:00

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