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Not sure if this is the right forum for rule clarification but this is what I have found so far

No announcing blanket giveaways with any specificity.

Must be some activity

Is that it? For instance, can I advertise trivia with prizes with world/location and that be fine?

I just want a little clarification on what advertising is and is not allowed. I don't do anything OBVIOUSLY against the rules so I get these dicing chats and phishing yt scams are what caused the stipulations on giveaways but it can't all be a no-go. So other than that what else would be taboo?

I've seen tons of advertising for discord this, twitch that...instagram, etc.

Where is the line.

Seems like forums is the most legitimate way to advertise REAL prize related activities to help F2P or people that just want a whip.

Ty so much in advance. Let me know if this is the improper forum as I'd like an answer.

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The general direction is that any kind of event that is posted within the Events forum should be for an actual in-game event.

There is nothing wrong with hosting an event that takes place ingame, such as a trivia event/pub quiz, or a skill gem challenge, or Hide and Seek (and so on) and so on that offers a prize. These types of events have something to do ingame, hence they are OK.

The issue that caused the rule that is listed in the Events Forum Specific Rules to be put in place was due to "Post on this thread to be entered in a giveaway and I'll randomly pick someone at the end of the week to win <insert item here>" kinds of posts. They weren't really in-game events (which is what the Events forum was originally for) and more often than not, the author of the thread never returned to it after posting it, or never actually paid up. Drop parties (included in the same rule) were the same case - they were advertised, but the host often never showed for them. To keep the Events forum to actual in-game events and weed out these 'fake' events that never actually happened, the current no giveaways rule was put in place a few years ago.

It should be mentioned as a clarification that these are for events that are advertised via the forums. There's no in-game rule preventing a giveaway, but many players do frown upon them due to the number of times they have seen them end up to be scams, so hosting an event that has prizes is a much better alternative.

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