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Hi there,

I went to report a website bug using the "Website/Technical Bug Report" feature to submit a report for another bug I'm experiencing but I cannot. I'm using an updated version of Google Chrome (I have also tried on Microsoft Edge).

When typing in the "Description of the problem:" section of the form, the character count does not decrease. Then, when clicking the "Continue" button, I receive a red "Required field" indication regardless of how much text is typed in that field and cannot move forward to submit my report.

I've also noticed when trying to re-link my Facebook account under the "Linked Accounts" page (accessed under Account Settings), that the Facebook "Link with Facebook" button does not work. Also, the address of the button does not appear in the bottom left of my browser when hovering over it.

Good vibes and high tides.

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Click here for Account Help. Click here for Technical Help (i.e. Forums, etc.).

It's player-lead assistance but employees show up every now and then too - alongside here.
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