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As Iceberg has alluded to above, our support team use Twitter because there are a considerable amount of players who contact us (@RuneScape, @OldschoolRS & all our other official channels) via Twitter for their support.

Those players though are directed to our Support Centre and receive the appropriate advice there.

I won't speak on their behalf though, Mod Balance has posted (unfortunately off-site.. before he left..)

For anything related to updating the forums, I will make sure these are noted down. However, as you'll all be aware our efforts are focused on mobile at the moment and the forums isn't as yet a part of that progress.

Anything posted in this forum, both myself & Mod Allstar at least read every post. Just because you don't see us posting ourselves doesn't mean we don't spend our own time or some work time reading peoples suggestions and thoughts.

As for your other points, I'll message our CM team and see if they feel like poking their head in.

Mod Lyon
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14-May-2018 09:13:04

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