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Hello I'm Brandon, so recently I left a review on Runescape Mobile suggesting that they should update 2 of the photos on the Mobile page, and they actually responded saying I should post on forums for you guys to be involved as well! One being of the 99 strength character fishing because it's on there twice. The second being of Zuk, why? The reason why I thought they should change the Zuk photo is because no new players will know he is the strongest. That being said, new players don't start a game because of that they start playing a game for the appeal of it that catches their attention and interest. I remember when I was 9 my favorite aspect of the game was the way the armor looked and they way things "LOOKED" so in that case maybe a more appealing boss would be better for th game to have on it's front page like Vorkath or Corp beast. I'm sure alot of us will agree a big blue spiky dragon or giant skeleton behemoth looks cooler than Zuk. New players just won't really know what to make out of Zuk either if you ask me, Zuk looks like a giant black one eyes slug in my opinion and not very appealing. That being said I think this small update/change would have a positive impact on luring in new players which is good for the growth and community of RuneScape c:.

21-Jul-2019 13:54:46

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