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10-Aug-2019 00:43:38



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Southeaster said:
2_Tron said:
Misleading this tool is quite easy and none of you would experience any difference whatsoever compared to current conditions.

Of course there will be a difference! You can now contact Fmods in case there's an urgent crisis in the forums that needs moderator attention!
Why bother ... 220 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WA, United Kingdom . .. Jagex doesn't exist anymore as a company, just a dead-end street or a walk in the park, just google it in maps.
Second ... why bother when moderators literally ruin the RSOF in multiple ways, one time FMods and the other moment LMods do a lot of damage to many forums.
It all has come to an end and isn't worthwhile the effort ... it is dead.

14-Aug-2019 08:49:45

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