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this thread is for the developers of the site and its forums

my first impression of this site was good
until my eye fell on the URL-Barr
there is no security noted
i suggest the team upgrades the normal http with tls or ssl
this will make it https and would give me a much safer experience on this site
if i knew this when i was buying my membership i immediately canceled it
if this problem keeps going i think i am not going yo be a member after this
its to risky for me to do this without a https connection

hope the team will work this out

greetings from belgium

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above is right. The pages on the site where you login or exchange billing information with Jagex are all HTTPS secured. The web dev team at Jagex has already started to roll out HTTPS to additional modules around the site as they are reworked, so eventually it will stand to reason that we'll see this site-wide.

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