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So I purchased a new phone. Everything transfers well except the authentication.
Trying to go through and remove all my authenticators on my accounts so I can add on my new phone.
Done 1 account, then, can’t do the rest as I’m “temporary banned due to large number of unusual requests”
So... how longs this ban? Between each authenticator removal?

Is there an easier way to do this? My old phone was replaced as it got water in it and is mucking up, don’t have forever do to this.


14-Aug-2019 11:20:46

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Enk.

The block is temporary, and lasts an hour or so, so wait a bit before trying again. You can probably do 2 or 3 accounts each time. I have something similar when I change my passwords, which I do every couple of months.

There's no easier way I'm afraid, the block is there for your protection, so can't be circumvented.

Please disable then immediately re-enable Authenticator on each account so the protection is removed for the minimum amount of time possible.
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