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Wading in on a few short points as I've done before.

- Passwords are not stored in plain text. That has never been the case and I don't know where that rumour came from.

- Aside from the above, I'm not going to discuss or 'argue' about our encryption of users accounts, aside from to say we use the latest modern technology to do so and are as confident as can be in that security. No password database however is secure, and you should always use unique passwords (or a password manager) to maintain your security across websites. That includes one password for your RuneScape account, and one password for your email client of choice.

- We are aware of the fact capital letters and special characters are not included, the benefit is relatively limited although something I would like us to work on. As is always the case though, we are working on so many things its not at the top of our priority list at this time.
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30-Jul-2018 12:13:01

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