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Mod Lyon said:
Hey Obi,

Is there something in particular you'd like to see change on the website? We're constantly improving the website and in the last week or so launched 6 large updates as well as several behind the scenes changes that were necessary.
Hmm. Let's see.

1) Make the Players Gallery stuff accessible on the website again. You know, things like Postbag from the Hedge, God Letters, Art submissions. All those little community things you've done over the years.

2) Make it easier to access the Lores and Histories. Currently the only way to access them is through this little link in this lonesome thread in the Lores section of the Forums.

3) Make it so it's easier to access the Drop Rates section of the website. You have it, so it should probably be easier to access than needing a random bookmark, right?

4) Fix broken links. You still have tons of things linking to the wiki that you removed. For example, on the Game Info page which you get to by clicking the Game Guide button at the top of the page, the "Read More" buttons on the Combat and World sections redirect to the Support section of the website. You have a Combat section available from the top bar. So why does the "Read More" button for the Combat section redirect to the Support site, rather than the Combat guide? Kind of makes the site look shabby, you know?

5) Also, would be nice if we could download wallpapers from your website, instead of having to go offsite to the Flickr page, like it used to be in the old days. Flickr is a nightmare to navigate, and anything that makes people want to come to your website, instead of some off-site social media platform, sounds like it would be a plus.
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