Weekly game update: 14th JanuaThread is locked

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Weekly game update: 14th January

Mining and Smithing... one week on

To say it's been a week of celebration would be an understatement, with RuneScape having turned 18 and the Mining & Smithing update releasing! The team are still hard at work fixing issues that have come up since the release, but we're delighted that players seem so happy with the changes we've introduced. As always you can find the full details of what has changed in our patch

With all that in mind, we won't keep you long as no doubt you have Mining & Smithing gains to make!

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14-Jan-2019 11:27:59

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It took me directly to the patchnotes that are titled
14/01 patch notes

Looks like the newspost may have been written prior to the patch note thread being available. Either way it's working now.
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14-Jan-2019 11:36:43

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This was raised and fixed within.. about a minute internally. Thanks for the heads up though. Locking this since its been resolved.
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14-Jan-2019 14:50:19

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