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Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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Sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to troll someone.

You know, you could always just hower over the link to see where it leads. You get this little pop-up in the bottom corner of your browser with the end location of the link.
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27-Oct-2018 17:29:01

Apr Gold Premier Club Member 2012


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Hmm, I've never bothered to hover links in the RSOF since they can only take me to a Jagex domain, but I guess I'll start now if logging others out is the new way to troll the forums...

I support removal of the ability to link the logout button, there's no reason why anyone should need to link it. I've never seen anyone ask "How do I log out of the forums?"
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27-Oct-2018 19:49:26

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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Yarp, this should not be a thing. Support.

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28-Oct-2018 01:18:39



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An example if someone has a click bait signature or word that logs people off the forums would just sabotage for the forum users! Yes, you can just hover your cursor over the linked word before clicking but the forum community should be helpful and not sending them out of the website! 333333333 finally got 99 DG!

28-Oct-2018 20:21:32

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