cant make new account

Quick find code: 278-279-860-65947618

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Does it give you any error messages or reasons as to why?

The most common reasons include email is taken and if you are playing Old School RS you need to be older than 13-years-of-age.
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09-Sep-2017 00:43:00



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Well i am trying to create an account now for 2 days.

When i try i constantly get the messg.

Warning! Sorry, there was an error processing your request. Please try again.

its getting kinds frustrating.
This is for OldSkoolRS.

09-Sep-2017 10:16:35

Mod Rebel

Mod Rebel

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Hey there,

Some players were having this issue not too long ago, the problem should be resolved now.

If you still can't create the account there's a chance the account did actually end up created, try logging into game using the login details and see if the account exists.

Hope this helps!

09-Sep-2017 11:04:08

Cajun Misfit
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Cajun Misfit

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I've been having this problem for 4 days now...its getting a bit unfavorable I must say.
It isn't my email, it isn't my internet connection or my choice of username. Also unlike the previous creator of the forum-It isnt for Osrs though.
Is there a way to fix it?

26-Jun-2018 15:35:42

Mod Lyon

Mod Lyon

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The display name chosen is in use, but isn't providing the correct feedback.

Change your display name and you will be able to create an account successfully.
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27-Jun-2018 09:56:13

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I'm having a problem making a new account. I my Email, Password, Display name, and Birth Date. But no luck. I didn't check off any boxes and there isn't a am not a robot box. No errors pop up, and I still can't log into osrs with it. Not sure what's going on but please help.

07-Jul-2018 18:45:03

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