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Is there any kind of suggestions board anywhere, because I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to see the RuneMetrics sure get a mobile app so that people can take RuneMetrics with them wherever they go on Mobile without having to use a mobile browser if they don’t have a laptop. I might be a little late, but I thought I’d go for it anyways and see if a suggestion board was a thing in case this idea hasn’t reached anybody in the RuneScape creation department.

05-Dec-2018 10:19:51

Mod Lyon

Mod Lyon

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Not something we're likely to do. Any phone which can install apps is going to have the ability to use a mobile browser and so we'd be doing work for no gain.

Was there something specific you think an app rather than the responsive design could bring?
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05-Dec-2018 11:37:11

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