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For RuneFest 2018 some of the web team will be presenting a piece on the inner secrets of our web development. "Recipe for Faster" takes place at 17:00 on Saturday 6th October in the panel room and we will be answering your questions on all things .

If you have that question you have been wanting to throw our way either leave it in this thread or tweet it to @RuneFest

We cannot promise to answer ally our questions but we'll try and do as many as we can!
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25-Sep-2018 16:30:21

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1. Can we get more features on the forums, like the ability to make tables, link images that display automatically (instead of having to click to open them), allowing more special characters like certain alt codes etc?

2. Can you get rid of the old forum censor from the signature as well? Certain words that aren't inappropriate at all can still get censored.

3. Can you streamline the various moderators on the forums? For example, it feels weird that "community helper" is a moderator title as well, even though the title implies that the person is helpful in the community, which doesn't really require moderator privileges.
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25-Sep-2018 16:46:06

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Are there any plans to resurrect the Forums?

You guys have completely abandoned the Forums for social media and that's understandable; however, there is still a community here and those plans to update the Forums have been forgotten due to "higher projects" such as RS Mobile. I believe that's unfair.


25-Sep-2018 16:49:53



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So uh, what has the web team been up to lately? Because so far we've had pursuits like:

- Adding knowledge base guides, then turning it into a player run wiki, then removing it altogether besides a small handful of pages, like the outdated gear guide
- Adding a whole part of the website dedicated to runelabs, then removing it
- Dividing the forums based on your total level, then removing that

And all those are years old. So what new features will we be looking forward to on the runescape site?
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25-Sep-2018 19:08:40

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How is the progress on converting the remaining areas of the website to a mobile responsive layout?

Will areas of the website, such as the Account Management interface, be updated to the new theme?

Are there any plans to make the forums more accessible to JMods, allowing use outside the office? Could security methods be implemented on JMod accounts to ensure they can not be compromised or access to the full JMod suite of moderation tools limited out of the office? That could alleviate the security concerns.

EDIT: Thank you,
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, for this feedback Q&A thread on the RSOF!

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Any changes to the login sessions such as 1 hour timeouts etc.?

Any mobile friendly changes?

Any changes to appearance planned such as buttons,screens etc?

Anything new with the solomon shop?

25-Sep-2018 23:41:33

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My questions:

* At the moment RuneScape website is a mix of two or three different designs from the past 10 years. Any plans to update key areas such as Account Settings to modern look?

* The RuneScape homepage poll is underused and new polls appear roughly once a quarter. Why is that?

* What are your plans for the RuneScape forums?

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26-Sep-2018 13:07:14

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Liking posts, Favorite threads to your Profile and seeing whose viewing the forums/threads/posts (Users/Guests) would be a nice, updated feature. Any plans for? .
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26-Sep-2018 14:53:58

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Could posts in Forum Help e auto-hidden but still visible to F Mods?
This would help stop "FH stalking" and harassment of people who have posted in there.
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26-Sep-2018 15:12:39

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Mod Allstar said:
There is not really a technical reason why we could not do it
Mod Allstar said:
Imo I would say lets do it
Are we ever going to do it?

[in regards to YouTube embedding in the forums]

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26-Sep-2018 15:27:27

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