Premier Club RS Card?

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I believe their should be another way to purchase Premier Club subscriptions. Currently there are really only 2 ways. Buying it with bonds, or buying the subscription through the Runescape website.

-The 3 month Premier club membership, it requires 3 bonds. 3 bonds are equivalent to one $25 prepaid card or 54,750,330gp in-game.

-The 6 month package (requiring 10 bonds) is equal to two $25 cards and one $10 card for a total of $60 when purchasing from the site would be $45-$49. Alternatively the in-game cost of the ten bonds will run you 182,501,100gp. The 10 bonds would have bought you 6 months and 2 weeks if I did my math right.

-The 1 year gold plan (20 bonds) is equal to $120 if you buy the Runescape cards and purchase the bonds to exchange for the premier club where the sites cost is only $89. The in-game cost of all 20 bonds would be 365,002,200gp and would last 1 year and 1 month of you chose to exchange for the standard membership instead of the premier club.

The Websites Flaws
-If you are using any Anti-Virus or Firewall/Internet settings that uses a VPN or Proxy, you must disable them. If it is an Anti-Virus or firewall, then disabling them may be harmful. Even if Runescape is a trusted site, your machine may still be compromised.

-Some banks in the United States will not allow foreign transactions, or will freeze the purchase for several reasons that I do not feel necessary to discuss.

-If the person is younger then his/her parents may not feel comfortable with supplying their personal information/credit card information with this site, and would rather just buy the cards from the store.

-Runescape uses Third-Party sites such as Pay-Pal if your information is rejected in your initial tries, but are just a hassle if you never use them and only want to make one purchase for Runescape.

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There should be a way to purchase the premier club with the Runescape pre-paid cards without having to pay more. Those of us who are buying the bonds with in-game money, well…you are insanely wealthy.

04-Jan-2018 00:59:00

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Nobody is saying to purchase bonds then buy the package that way. Most who pay with bonds save up all year and lump sum pay for premier. It's around this time each year that bond prices skyrocket as people are looking to trade their virtual wealth for membership.

As to the idea of being able to purchase it with cards. What they need is a virtual wallet much like the play store uses where the cards are added to a money pool that can be saved to use on future purchases. So the adding of monies or top up cards would allow someone to effectively do what you're suggesting.
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Yes. I believe the ways of getting the premier club is very limited. Not everyone is able to purchase the subscription through the Runescape website as I have stated.

If you could save a type of currency with the RS Cards in order to purchase the premier club, it would be a lot easier for more people/families. I am sure that Jagex would in turn make more money from this.

They could implement a way of purchasing it with Runecoins (Hopefully the same amount you would get from the 2-3 cards it would take), or they could make a new currency for the currency pouch. A premier club voucher token or something.

04-Jan-2018 22:00:12

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I just received $95 worth of pre-paid game cards for Christmas. The intent was to purchase the premier club Gold membership. I am very much disappointed that I can't.

You should be able to do what you say Schicic, I have sent Jagax a message through there support page and I hope by commenting here that I this issue will make more 'noise' if you will.

27-Dec-2018 14:43:46

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I think one of the more important take away's here is that right now there is no way for a non playing person like a parent, guardian, or anyone else, to purchase a Gold Premier Membership for a player of the game without just handing them straight cash, and that sort of defeats the idea of gifts. Even gift cards is not super awesome but it least the recipient gets the idea of what the gift cards are for. Alternatively, if you log into a persons account you could do it but that's a clear violation of Jagex's rules. It's even worse for people that already got gift cards for Christmas, because there is no clear indicator on the website that the Gold Premier Membership isn't able to be purchased with gift cards unless you go diving into the FAQ, and most parents are technologically stunted enough that they won't be able to find that any way.

Jagex, please give people a way to gift this to other people!

27-Dec-2018 15:02:40

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