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Welcome to
Clan, We are a community clan that is open to everyone. In

We want everyone to be having a good time. The reason for clans is to meet new people and interact
with people from all across the world. We want to give everyone a relaxing place where you can just login
and play the game without any stress! Have fun and enjoy your time in Register!

Clan Rules:
All Jagex Rules Apply
Be Respectful To Everyone

Rank System:
All members will start at Lieutenant
Captain will be earned after Capping at the clan citadel one time
General will be earned after capping for two weeks in a row at the Citadel.
Admin will be earned by being handpicked by the Leaders. Capping and being friendly will help out your chances

Nothing in the clan is mandatory and never will be, so stop wasting your time and Register for Register!

Runescape Name:
Total Level:


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