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Unlike a lot of posters, I don't have a problem with the package membership being a bit more than the grandfathered rate that I currently pay (£3.20) - Jagex could have increased my fees when they increased them for new members so I look at it as having saved money over the last few years.

My only worry is that, if I do take out the gold package, Jagex will take this as me approving of RWT and I definitely don't! I don't mind Solomon's so much because that hasn't offered anything but cosmetic items (except, are the new pets REALLY just cosmetic?). SoF, on the other hand, blatantly offers ingame advantage for real world money (shame on you, Jagex!!!)

However, having said all that, I'll probably take the gold package and assume that I'll go back to my old membership rate in 12 months.


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