Chronicle Beta 25th November

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The closed beta for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends starts on November 25th!

Sign up now on the Chronicle website using your email address to get your hands on our new strategy card game.

Everyone who signs up will get a chance to join the closed beta. We're inviting players in waves, so sign up now for your chance to get in early.

What is Chronicle?

Chronicle is a unique twist on the strategy card genre, where you'll create adventures for an iconic RuneScape hero such as Ariane, Linza, Raptor or Ozan.

Travel throughout Gielinor and defeat its fiercest fighters – from brutish barbarian warriors to mighty bosses such as Vorago. Load up on epic RuneScape loot and use your hero's unique cards to get the upper hand - then face your rival player in a one-on-one duel to the death.

Check out Mod ThatJim's Blog Post for further details, and watch the Chronicle trailer for a taste of the game:

Chronicle is simple to learn, but with fathoms of depth. We know you'll come up with shrewd strategies and devious decks aplenty, and we can't wait to see you in game. Roll on the 25th!

The Chronicle Team

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Gotta admit, this does look really cool: and manages to differentiate from Hearthstone, in a way that actually makes me want to play it! :) Signed up, now waiting (more or less) patiently... :D

28-Oct-2015 09:56:08

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