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cute af

cute af

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plz decrease it by like 3-4 bonds since the price of them went up this year

also please add runecoins and paladin back, ty :--)xx

either way this year kinda sucked, i hop this 1 is better
hey lol

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cute af

cute af

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ais Elenaith said:
Wilmslow said:

. . . last year the premier club price did not take into consideration the membership discounts offered to you most loyal customers.

Will we again be faced with having Jagex ignore are loyalty and charge us the higher rate if we agree to pay for a whole year in advnce?

You can still purchase a full year of regular membership at a reduced cost (check your billing page for renewal prices specific to your account). You just won't get all the extras.

The Premier package is more of a 'members plus', so of course it will cost more than regular membership.

Paying membership (recurring or otherwise) gets you the in-game benefits not available to free players. Premier membership includes additional treats and goodies, so it is logical it would seem to amount to a 'higher rate'.

How much does it cost to buy 365 Treasure Hunter keys? Plus the cosmetics, pet, aura and possibly other benefits, most of which cannot be purchased, but would cost a pretty penny if they could. Premier membership actually has a reduced cost than if one were to purchase these things in addition to monthly membership.

Most other businesses make it cost less because you're paying a lot upfront. It costs them nothing to give us a couple pets (which we already have too many of), an aura that only pertains to certain people, and 1 free spin a day (would be different if you could stack them, but they're gone if you don't use them that day). They swapped out runecoins for LP so they're not losing anything there either.

They may as well scrap that grandfathered payment thing since those people have to choose paying an extra like 30$? upfront or missing out on premier each year.
hey lol

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