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Chris Saikyo said:
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Has the Pre-Paid Card exclusive guarantee been removed?
On the contrary, it’s been expanded.

With a treasure trove of former Premier Club exclusives that Solomon himself is envious of, Premier Club Gold users will this year be able to pick previous exclusive items using the new Premier Club Reward Token.

See the next question for available exclusive items. Any future pre-paid card exclusive items will also be added to this list.

This definitely doesn't sound "expanded". On the contrary, it sounds like Prem Club members are now forced to pick and choose which they'd rather have - old cosmetics or new ones, whereas in previous packages, members were guaranteed the new items. A better system would be to keep the old system of guaranteed exclusives for 2018, and throw in the tokens as an added bonus of picking out old stuff.

Sounds pretty bad, imo. I'm debating dropping the $80 for this for the first time, but I dunno, it sounds kind of shaky compared to the old ones.

it is expanded though, I buy vip yearly so I have most items already, plus vault has you a chance of getting an extra token, I had 5 tokens last year and had only ever used one 3 or 4 of them...
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