Price Changes - 4th June 2018

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Nobody seems to know this answer. I would like to buy a years membership WITH a visa gift card, is that permissible? Can I use a visa gift card for the full amount of 1 years membership? You do know a gift visa card is different then a regular credit or debit visa, right? Hope SOMEONE can tell me other wise I have to keep buy Walmarts Runescape cards.
Thank you to anyone who can answer this.

10-Jun-2019 20:15:21



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Ridiculous. Just returned to this game after not playing for years. Started to really get back into it and went to the page to become a member. $11 a month for a membership to this is just way too much for this. And from the looks of other comments from this page, I'm not alone in this. Hopefully they lower it back sooner. I know for sure I'll be signing up when and if it dips below $10 again.

20-Jun-2019 21:18:02

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