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It’s back, and bigger than ever!

Get ready for a Summer of fun – from Elite Dungeons to Player-Owned Farms, new bosses and plenty of adventure. From the 21st May you’ll be able to get your hands on two different Summer Special membership package options.

For the very first time we’re offering an amazing 6-for-5 package for £25.99 which not only saves you money on your membership (at the current price) but also gives you access to plenty of extra goodies! The usual 3-for-2 package which also be available for £11.99.

Remember, you can also use Bonds to buy your package; just 5 Bonds will get you the 3-for-2 package and 10 Bonds will secure the awesome 6-for-5 package.

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10-May-2018 11:00:36

Death Santa
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Death Santa

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Blackwing said:
This would be much more effective if you got rid of TH first. > )

That's their only income.

And for jagex: before you up the prices on everything, start getting better content of the game rather than crap cosmetics, new bosses to f the economy and treasure hunter promos that are repeated and useless. The only good update you had in the last 4 years was clue scroll overhaul.
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10-May-2018 11:13:45

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Axiomatic said:
Hoping Premier members get the extras like we used to.

we will not. it's been clear that we're only getting the 3 tokens for the vip shop and nothing else.
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10-May-2018 11:33:19

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RS gets less attractive more & more.
After 15 years of enjoyment I'm starting to lose interest in this game.
Just what the communty mentioned earlier.
Content is gone. Only good one is the clue scroll overhaul this year.
other things are just trash.
Gets worse.

10-May-2018 12:27:38

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