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Ludens Echo said:
Zeep said:
RS gets less attractive more & more.
After 15 years of enjoyment I'm starting to lose interest in this game.
Just what the communty mentioned earlier.
Content is gone. Only good one is the clue scroll overhaul this year.
other things are just trash.
Gets worse.

Don't play then?

The whole point of these promotions is to get more money in Jagex's coffers so putting off long term players is not good business. If some players think that telling others not to play if they don't like it is helping, then they have no idea of business. The problem with this game is micro-transactions which let new players come on and use rl money to max out the game, then leave. I have absolutely no idea if that's what Jagex want, maybe that's the best way to make money but just saying to someone that they shouldn't play after they've been loyal for 15 years is ridiculous.

13-May-2018 11:23:48

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