Premier Club 2019 FAQ

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War tortoise

War tortoise

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I’m an Ironman, will I be able to take full advantage of the packages?
As an Ironman, you’ll receive all of the perks included with the package subject to a few restrictions. You will not be able to use the following benefits:

Access to the Premier Club Vault

this seems to be a mistake

IM can visit the vault and they have their own loot table but its mostly lower level resources, are you saying its getting removed?

one of the main draws of this is the VIP tokens, are you telling me your gonna block IM acess soon? my friend could go in twice this mont and shes IM
Lost Woods numba 1, (NOT EE, Those scrubs are liars ;p)

*~War Tortoise

15-Nov-2018 17:33:07

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