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King Macks
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King Macks

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I really wish they would introduce some sort of cosmetic or treasure hunter item that would better resemble horns or even a variety of horns. I've been wanted to finish my cosmetic since they discontinued the legendary horns. I'm not saying they would have to be identical, but they hardly have any horn cosmetics in the game and it would be nice to have something other than hats and helms.

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i like horns and cognitive dissonance :P[spoiler][b][/b][/spoiler]Pipdolm ~ Founder of Skillers [chocolate]Greed[/chocolate] Champion of tolerant [lightblue]racism[/lightblue] Smearcampains matter for politically [darkorchid]correct water[/darkorchid] Founder of [darkorchid]TAST[/darkorchid] / terrorising [chocolate]archon*cal[/chocolat

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Support. I have blue horns but with ratty hair which isn't a good look.
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