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I have posted on here before but just think.. We have had other items such as the
Shadow outfits, some pets (blazehound recently and skypouncer) come back
during sales. the older outfits such as the Panda and the Monarch and even the
obscure ones like the one that has antenae for head piece, ( i cant remember
that ones name). And the dragonwolf outfit. The paradox wings and butterfly
wings too, even though they are some of the last things taken from the store.

None of the ones I have mentioined including the panda which the whole
thread is really about came as an event or one time only sale. They are already
in the game so it wouldnt be hard to bring them back for people who missed
or would like them for an alt account.

Would like to see all these returned and wouldnt be alot of work since they
are already in game.
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06-Aug-2019 23:28:35

Draco Burnz
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Tophurious said:
no support i see no reason to bring this back. you had your chance to get this outfit and missed it. it's your own fault for not getting it.

Good thing this isn't a holiday outfit so it can return ;)

So noice try.

Plus theres loads of reasons for it to return if you just read the thread.
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