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As we all know, you can use Pet Overrides to reskin your Familiars. But what if we could buy Familiars as Pets, so we could make them look like another Familiar?

Let's say that you find Wolpertingers to be absolutely adorable, for instance. You could buy a Wolpertinger override so that your Yaks or Titans would always look like Wolpertingers in places where you're allowed to use overrides. Or maybe you're a dark, brooding soul who wants to always have a Magpie or Ghast following you, even when you don't have one summoned. Or maybe the God bird pets just aren't doing it for you, and you'd prefer to have one of the God-trices follow you around instead.

I think this would be a quick and easy way to dramatically increase the pet options for FashionScapers, making it easier for them to find a Pet that suits their needs, while also adding some long overdue new pet options to SGS.

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I agree with you. There are a few summoning creatures I really enjoy but
if i have no use for them, they stay in bank.

Also for the platypus... I went and caught him and he stays at my house.
Same with Raccoon and Squirell. Wait.. let me add my chamelion and

But the main one is the baby Kurask. That one I would love to have follow me
all day long. I already take him with me a lot of the time. I even left his dad's
head off my poh wall so he wouldnt be offended.

Other than making people happy it would get Jagex more money. Which I
guess would make a different person happy too.
The richest person is not who has the most. It is who Needs the least.

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