Shadow Drake Comeback

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I just wanted to make a thread to hopefully get the legendary Shadow Drake back for a limited time into the Solomon General Store. I want to purchase it on this account and never had the chance.

31-Dec-2017 21:25:29

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Ahura said:
It already had a come back, which received a lot of criticism from players who already purchased it, because Jagex said it was limited time only when it was released. I don't expect Jagex to do it yet again, at least not any time in the near future.


Had your chance and didnt take it.
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01-Jan-2018 01:04:47

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No support, it was originally advertised as a pet that'd never return after its initial limited time availability, and that is still to be expected.
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01-Jan-2018 08:30:11

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it'll come back with less criticism, people who bought it the second time around knew what they were in for when they bought it. Won't happen anytime soon though, I'd say give it a year or two.

02-Jan-2018 14:58:58

Angwy Dwagon
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Angwy Dwagon

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Support MUCHO GRANDE SUPPORT, been dying to get the Shadow Drake and I almost ripped my hair out when I found out it came back for 2 weeks last year... In which I wasn't actively playing because of holiday... of course stuff like that happens to me =/.

FYI To Draco, Blackwing and Ahura... "Limited Time" doesn't mean you only have one chance to get it... it's called "Flash Sales", a legitimate way of marketing which is very common on websites and happens everywhere...

I don't get why Jagex got so much criticism over this when every bloody business with a webshop does it as well.. Solomons Store technically is a webshop as well....

20-Jan-2018 01:47:16

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