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18-May-2017 21:04:24

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There are a few issues with your thread.

1st, this is the solomon store forums so you posted it in the wrong section.

2nd is it is not allowed to name shame people on the forums.

3rd thing is just report the person.


After fixing your picture i can not see how the person scammex you? Give us more detail how he "scammed" you.

Also this is the RS3 forums it seems as i already told you above, osrs forums is at the bottom.
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Mikasa Acker

Mikasa Acker

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He put on Magic and I couldn't hit him because I didn't have runes or magic staff, and he said that my hp is glitched that's why he scammed me, he scammed me for 13m. i just want him to get banned i dont care if i you cant give me my money back.

18-May-2017 22:01:32

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@ Mikasa Acker - If you were scammed in game, then the way to report that is by submitting an in-game Abuse Report at the time of the incident. That is the only way to provide Jagex with the evidence they need, from their own systems, to be able to take action. They do not take player's screenshot as evidence, as those are easily manipulated.

You cannot accuse other players by name on the Forums, as there is no way to provide the necessary evidence here. And it comes down to one players word against another.

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18-May-2017 22:27:03

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