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Edax Animae
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Edax Animae

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Nightmare/Horror/? Pack
Meat/Hay Bale Hook: one handed (with off-hand) - Bloody particle effect
Giant Cleaver or Chef's Knife (kinda like the one from Silent hill or bleach) Two Handed
Rusty wand and Shrunken Head or Dripping/Fleshy Grimoire

Oniwaban Pack
All items in this pack have a shadow-y feel as the oniwaban were spies established by the 8th shogunate. should be stylized after edo period weapons.
Shuriken/Kunai/Spiral Dart
main and off hand kodachi

I also have an idea for a new weapon.
why haven't we seen anything like the kusarigama in the game yet? its the perfect combination of whips, scythes, and maces all in one in a tight two handed package.

Thanks for reading!
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01-Feb-2018 05:21:08

Draco Burnz
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Original message details are unavailable.
I was hoping this one would get more footing.

Try posting it in the proper forums?

Yea, purposely posting in the wrong forum just for attention isnt the way to go.

I do support the idea though.
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16-Feb-2019 02:22:04

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Thread moved to the Solomon's General Store Forum, as that would be where you obtain 'packs' from.

(The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion of updates that are already in development, rather than for suggestions for updates.)

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16-Feb-2019 17:23:36

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