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I remember a while back there was thread about getting gazes in forum/avatar picture, and a jmod told us that the forum pictures weren't able to accommodate particle effects.

The flaming effects of Regent, Flame Skull and Flameheart hair/head are visible in forum pics right? Maybe they aren't particles actually but they have movement where as I don't think my gazes glow moves at all, usually it blurbs away during an emote even.

Why can't we get gazes to be seen in forum pic?

I want my glowing green eyes to be seen!

I'm pretty sure I'll gather some supporters of this?

Discuss, comment and give inputs. :D

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EDIT: ......we got a disappointing
Jmod response
- from Mod Daze
second to last on page 9!
Mod Daze said:

Unfortunately this still can't be done unless we got engine support and for such a minor issue it's very low on their priority list. Maybe one day, but probably not for quite a while. Sorry!
Putting the jmod quote- and a bump count--- thats what this edit is for...

Current bump count: 496

^those are my bumping bumps- not all of the glorious supporters who tangibly post

I'm in favor of nagging them till they fix the engine for this "minor" purpose. :O
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sigh, I've made several threads on the topic, the closest we can get right now is that hallowe'en hairstyle that turns your eyes red. I doubt this will happen but good luck anyways.


30-Jan-2014 02:38:34

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