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it would be great to get some demon horns in solomons store, the large demonic horns were so rare on the squeal of fortune that hardly anyone has them and ive been lusting after the legendary horns for ages.

they dont need to be identical to any of the previous ones as long as theyre quite big, can be coloured and wont hide or change your characters hair. the demonic horns from the valentines event in 2015 were a bit too small and silly looking for me

edit: a shadow/black/completely recolourable version of the woodland crown would also be great :)

edit edit: demon wings and demon tails too!

21-Feb-2016 11:09:20 - Last edited on 23-Feb-2016 20:51:54 by BowToMeNoobs

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BowToMeNoobs said:
thanks guys! no offence to your horns Pippyspot, they look great on the forum avatar and regular hair but on the Hells point hair they look like two tiny blobs!:P

Oh no, I do agree with you, they're rather.. well.. small O_o They even look relatively small on the character as a whole in game, so bigger ones would definitely look better :)

22-Feb-2016 23:59:06

Kei of Hanto
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Kei of Hanto

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As owner of four sets of horns (Long, Curled, Twisted, Vile) (on Charge Beam, of course) I can say that one of the biggest turn-offs for the current horns is actually the forced haircut.

I'd like to wear them, but I don't like not having my amazing haircut showing.

That said, I do support for more ebil horns!

23-Feb-2016 14:06:27

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