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Items which have been in solomans store for a significant amount of time (1-2 years +) Should have their costs reduced more so than they are currently and a time after the price reduction be available to purchase with loyalty points as well.

Decreasing costs on older items I believe will create more sales in certain items as players will be able to get more bang for their buck.

More items purchasable with loyalty points also gives long term players more to spend points on. Currently long term players with everything they need have little to spend loyalty points on which only accumulate to large amounts.
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12-Mar-2019 09:04:23

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They do have sales, usually one in summer, one at thanksgiving and one in January.

Ever once in a while they have other sales, some up to 75 percent off!!

So keep up with the news and they usually tell when a sale is on! Hopefully
next time something you want will be on the sale list
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17-Mar-2019 13:55:04

Faeryl NMuth
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The problem is that the sales and anything worth having are all Runecoin only. Loyalty points are a worthless commodity. Things that used to be purchasable with either have been switched to Runecoin only because Jagex refused to set a conversion value, and most items had an insane loyalty point cost. Their solution has just been to continue giving something to members that they will never use. "Spend more money."

13-Jul-2019 05:03:11

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