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Deep Throath
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Deep Throath

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Add Retro Helmet of Neitzinot

Retro Slayer helmet
Retro Dragon claws
Retro from bronze to dragon wapeons/tools
Retro Kiln capes
Retro Mystic sets
Retro Barrows gloves
Retro Gdw1 Wapeons for example armadyl cbow
Retro Nex wapeons

Rip most of the assets from osrs make it hd and done this has been asked littery since that dumb armour rework happend. Ofcourse you want to go for new armour in the store but why do you guys at jagex always dissapoint the veterans who just want to play in their nostalgic way. Why does it have to be made so difficult we are waiting Since somewhere around 2013 its 2019... dude

And than you add new items but yet we are here waiting for another eternity to make our unrealistic dream happen.
Give us our retro overrides back!

04-Feb-2019 20:01:43



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Probably wait till Jagex has 300Million accounts. Or maybe when Jagex's main competitor is Pearl Abyss, then maybe they might do that. JAGEX PLEASE START PLANING FOR A 300Million Account Event.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick find code: 185-186-627-65997434

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Yeah i'm frustrated too, don't give up hope though!

We just recently got retro map icons, which was a massive hit.
Last year, we got retro obsidian shields. In 2016, we got retro emotes.

I bet Jagex is waiting for the 20th anniversary, which is 2 years away.
I guarantee we'll get some cool retro stuff for the big 20!!!!

07-Feb-2019 04:50:50

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