1 high gamble=dchain,need help

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This is a very strange request and i might even be wasting my time. My account is a 10hp 46 def pure with a fighter torso. With that being said i wanted to try for the penance pet and my first high gamble i ended up with a dragon chain. I accidentally clicked out of the reward screen and my proof of getting the 1/16k drop on the first try disappeared. A month or two later the collection log came out but didn't have the rewards for high gambles. i was wondering if theres anyone out there that can look into my account somehow to confirm i actually got it? (only have two high gambles on this account). I really would like to have the proof of this because there has to be a select few with 1 high gamble and getting a rare like this or i may even be the first ever person. Any little info on this would be a huge help. Thank you

18-Jun-2019 20:22:51

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CM Nick

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@Vlumondoxa, I believe the OP is referring to this particular content in the game:

And as such, it is not against the rules.

However, this doesn't really seem like an issue for Account Help.

Moving this to OSRS General :)

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Dream boat
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hoooooooodor said:
thanks for the help everyone, unfortunately its looking like its going to have to have to be a story like the boy who cried wolf :( haha

That is unfortunate you didn't get a screenshot or video of it. I would've liked to see it.

Next time use the Print Screen key and paste it on paint so you can flex your proof!

Congrats on the lucky reward though! :D
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