Transfering RS3 WealtH to OSRS

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Asahel Frost

Asahel Frost

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Swapping gp between the games is not against the rules, but is a very, very risky thing to do.

Unless you are swapping with trusted family members or friends where you are certain you know where the gp you are receiving came from, you run the risk of being given gp that has been stolen from other accounts and/or RWTed.

If it looks as though you received the gp as part of a RWT deal, at best, the gp may be removed from your account, but worse case your account may be banned for RWT (and you cannot appeal a RWT ban). Steer well clear of gold swapping websites and clans that offer gold swapping 'services'.

Really, the best thing is to not to swap gp between the games. It's not worth the risk.
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