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Hello Jagex ive found a problem since the new update of attack style switching, my f2p pure got 42 attack i used rune 2h sword got me 41 after that i got battleaxe and got me 42 i didn't noticed there was an update if you use other combat items it goes back to accurate!
my question is if you can reset my attack to 40 i would really appriciate it! i did work a long time on this account! i just don't enjoy when i open my stats see 42 attack !

Anyway thanks for helping me out !
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16-May-2019 18:15:02

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Note: I've moved this thread to the Old School RuneScape General section.

Hey there,

Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to have your stats restored as a result of this bug.

There was a 2 month period after this issue occured where you could have requested assistance, however that program has since ended.

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16-May-2019 23:41:42

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the xp glitch happened in febuary, it was quickly realized and addressed. the latest you could submit your accounts name to be checked out was april 23rd we are nearing 4 months from the incident.. you had plenty of time to submit your account during the initial process for it... even if you were a casual player it was in the login screen where it shows your membership days and messages from jagex for a solid week.... they wont help you.

18-May-2019 01:20:05

Bey 07

Bey 07

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never heard of getting any items back. Stats reset usually only happens when there's a Bug or Glitch or someone abuse the game system. I don't think the item or stats will be fixed at this time. Need help? Payments and Memberships
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18-May-2019 04:13:24

Bong CIouds

Bong CIouds

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Hi everyone, I came back to this game from a long break. I decided to go pking on my new f2p pure I made. I grinded straight to 71 strength, doing blast furnace, and pest control and so fourth. So when I decided to go f2p pking, the second I grabbed out the rune battleaxe for the first time on the account, i literally go from 40 attack to 41. I was left devastated, and very confused. and like all my hard work went down the tubes. I had no idea of these new attack styles when you equip weapons for the first time. Please reroll my account jagex. My username on this account is Bong Ciouds. with I no L. Please fix this issue. Thank you guys. God Bless :D

28-May-2019 15:07:13

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