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UltraWhale said:
Boabies said:
UltraWhale said:
Boabies said:
Lmfao I have 80m range xp on my main and you can't even get 99? Gimme a fucking break.

That sounds really f*cking pointless tbh

It's one of those things that just adds up dude. Have you ever raided? Some rooms such as mystics and shamans have hyperinflated xp rates to help add to it. I have a couple thousand chambers kc. That place is practically rangedscape.

Then its fine haha, i just got the picture that you actually grinded for that 80m range exp. And no i have never raided the only thing i do in this game is pking and afk training. Ever scinse i got a quest cape on my main i havent really been motivated to do anything else.

Gotcha. Tbh I am tempted to just go for 200m through chins and immortalize my rank some day. You'd be really surprised. Once you get to Raids, you see the same people every day in their BIS gear and like 50m xp in all melee stats and 100m or so range xp. Having a Twisted Bow and Scythe alongside the 5x xp rates in certain raiding sections rather than the standard 4x everywhere else only increases that. I'm a PvM nubnub basically. Ik everything about every form of PvM in the game and understand that we're a thousand times more toxic and worse with our drop tables than PKers can ever hope to be yet skillers bash PKers because they're afraid of y'all without seeing the 200+ runite ores per ToB chest that we get.
I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

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