Do u consider OSRS to be old?

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Personally, there are certain things I like about Old School Runescape but I don't consider it to be old other than the graphics. If I was a pre-EoCer though, I would probably find this game to be very nostalgic. :D

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I prefer Old School Runescape because I used to play back 10 years ago. Everything is perfect and nostalgic. It's definitely better than it was back then. I love the new content that Jagex adds once in a while. I especially admire the idea of the community of OSRS to be voting for the updates. I wish we had that decision before with RS3. The game would have had a different impact on players today.
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In this messed up modern world with every game being so corrupted by filth and greed, old = good.

That being said, it could be better. They need to fix the integrity issues and make the game actually hard again (i.e. death mechanics), because being difficult is pretty much synonymous with being old.
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I mean I remember playing this 10 + years ago xD

It is Old School Runescape after all!

I don't think I would consider this a retro game just yet, but for sure we are slowly getting there as another year adds up.

When OSRS gets the retro status, it will mean my doom of becoming a has been. :)

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I would call it retro, since it's pretty close to the dictionary definition of retro imo, but I wouldn't call it old as it's a living game still being developed for the modern world. Anyone that wants changes to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

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i started playing runescape in general in 2018, when i first started playing i thought it was just rs3 with bad graphics.

Dilbert2001 said:
Yes, it is old in the same sense that songs of Elvis and the Beatles are old. :)

Song of the Elvis is an awesome quest, but it is'nt old, it's new. ^_^:D
i'm making a joke

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