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Sup. I'm assuming there's atleast one employee in Jagex in this forum and not on Reddit. Bold claim, ik.

So, I love the new shields, they're pretty lit as the cool early 20's college kids say nowadays. However, I'm curious if the symbol for saradomin on the shield was intended to be a gold while on other pieces, it's usually white and blue. For fashionscape reasons to make my zero friends on my friend list go wow, it'd be pretty sexy to see it go white, instead.

Below shows the confliction that upsets my heart:

Ok players now get your postcount here and tell me how deeply offended you are by my question/proposal pls tysm.
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16-Apr-2019 03:29:13

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ty for postcount thread, I also think it would look pretty good all silver, but like jeremy said that's why. I wouldn't mind it being changed tho to all silver.
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16-Apr-2019 17:45:00

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