Jagex Email Hack/Scam?

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Mar Nib
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Mar Nib

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I’ve received an email from “” I’ve logged into both my account since then on a different device and looked at the status of my account and nothing ha changed? Can anyone confirm if this is a scam/hack email?

03-Aug-2019 18:40:59

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Although that is the right sender address, it's definitely still possible that it's a phishing e-mail as some hackers can fake the sender address. To be safe I would advise not to click on any of it's associated links or anything and just keep doing what you're doing by logging in directly through the website.

There's a sticky on the forums that deals with phishing that you can read up on. Here is the QFC: 408-409-117-66094339

There's also a support page on the main website that addresses the topic as well:

Hope that helps!

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Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Mar Nib.

Does the email have a 'cancel' option? If so, it is definitely a fake email NOT sent by Jagex. Jagex emails do not have a 'Cancel' option.

Please see the pages ZeeZee mentions for advice on recognising phishing websites and emails.
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03-Aug-2019 21:35:46

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