Is OSRS worth playing?

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w331 said:
GhostHeda said:

Give every returning acc their stats and gp back. I get it, Jagex doesn't like bots. How about resetting only the cb lvl 3 accs that have 99 stats?? Most real accs just want their accs back and want to play RS the way it was played before.

Well those most "real" accounts can train like the rest of us, also the idea of giving them their stats is stupid, it would kill the game off since people would get bored faster.

You will never get what we had in 2007-2008, thats gone and you need to wake up and accept it and move on.

Late 07 and 08 is when the game died.

If they were to give people their stats back it would have to be based off the high scores on, say, Jan 1st 2007. I think thats a terrible idea though.

And the way we all play now, Im going to have the same stats I had back then with 2 months played vs 2 years in rs2. I had a 10m cash stack within 2 weeks in osrs, vs 1 year in rs2 because I know how to play the game.

To the OP: yeah, the game is great. the community is in different places now though. less people type in general chat because they are in discord or clan chat. We didnt have either of those things back in the day.

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