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Hi, Im making this thread because i cant find any jagex email i can mail to.

I have been playing Rs since 2007/2008, i have loved every second of playing this game. I loved when me and my friends made twins back in the day and went Dbow pking, I loved when me and my friends used our home phones to talk to eachother and making plans about what were gonna do that day, I loved when we had lunch in school and we skipped eating to play more Runescape in the library. I was playing on my 2 accounts that i loved so much, My pure and my main, both on which i have played so many hours on, and later when osrs came out, my friends talked me in to bot on both of them, because ''jagex cant see it'' but sure enough i was banned.

And now im really sad that i cant show or see my beloved main and pure, and i know i fucked up, i know that its my own fault, i know i shouldnt had listen to my friends that time. But ever since that day, i have botted 0 times on any of my accounts, because i found that its more fun to play and enjoy the game yourself.

I only want my main and pure back thats all i ask, i was banned in 2014, and i havent broke any rule since then a big 0 of rules.

I want to play again and relive the old times and see my accounts again..

Thanks alot, With regards Ben

05-Jun-2019 19:21:58

Shes Cryin
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Shes Cryin

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Your basically asking for accounts to be reactivated, or more so, unbanned.
Regardless of when you committed the offenses, I don't think Jagex are going to grant your wish purely because your apologizing, I'd just start fresh now and not waste time.

Plus, if this was the case for people to gain access back to their banned accounts, everyone would do it, and I wouldn't blame Jagex for not having an easily accessible direct email.
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05-Jun-2019 23:18:38

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