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Solo Bobs

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Nikolas10181 said:
Ravi sucks said:
bvbe said:
Nikolas10181 said:
bvbe said:
Nikolas10181 said:
Yeah its likely you saw somebody else with my name if it's something so little why did you lie in the first place? It screams you're being dishonest.

As you can see from the beginning that it was complete accidental mistaken identity.

That is not even close and even more weird that you brought it up again a month later.

Also judging from what I've seen here you want even split even if your stats are lower and gear is not as good which means you contribute less. If you're seriously expecting to get even splits with whoever is tanking then it seems I should go into that cc and inform people you're ripping them off because you won't find a pvm clan who doesn't give tank extra for extra work and no pet chance.

I've been busy, did you expect me to sit there waiting for him to return back to the CC?

As mentioned previously in the original thread, players who choose to team with each other agree to split drops 50/50 beforehand.

Your opinion does not change the fact that these players agreed to splitting drops before heading to GWD together.

Thanks for understanding.

Rofl, no one fucking splits 50/50. The tank always gets more.

Shes straight up scamming people who don't know better and then wants to have a rank so she can shut people up about it lol.

Basically, might just tell people about this in the GWD channel.
Don't spite vote all PvP updates because of how frightened you are of PKers and then cry about how everything needs to be shoved in as integrity

20-Jun-2019 17:31:36

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